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Scuba Dive

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The proximity to the Nazaré Canyon (known as an excellent scientific lab) and the artificial reefs gives to the village of Nazaré a sub-aquatic world that amazes the lovers of this sea activity. Here you can find the most fabulous species of life in this area.

"Discover Scuba Dive" Program

This program allows you to discover the fascination of breathing under water, and also to experiment diving with a scuba diving (all the activities are supervised with a dive instructor).

Come and adventure yourself.

The duration of this activity depends on the program choice.

DSD Sea: € 80
(Price includes all the equipment needed for the activity)


Diving Program for Certified Divers

Option 1 (with equipment):

1 Single Trip: € 60
2 Trips on the same day: € 85
Night Diving: € 70
(Price includes all the equipment needed for the activity)

Option 2 (without equipment):

1 Single Trip: 30 €
2 Trips on the same day: 55 €
Night Diving: 35 €
(Price includes 12-liter bottle filled with AR and belt Ballast)

The realization of the activities is conditioned to a minimum number of participants and weather conditions.
In case of impossibility to carry out the activities, new dates will be scheduled.
Prices shown include VAT at the legal rate.